Zalando Gift Card 100 Eur Zalando Belgium

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    3.426,12 TL 97,89 EUR 97,09 CHF 87,40 GBP 10.173,17 RUB 148,86 CAD 167,33 AUD 760,51 DKK 1.140,25 SEK 33,36 KWD 1.155,87 NOK 411,88 SAR 16.504,10 JPY 199,20 BGN 506,81 RON 790,92 CNY 30.763,40 PKR 401,25 QAR 146.854,69 KRW 187,05 AZN 404,13 AED
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  • Brand: Zalando
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Zalando Gift Card 100 Eur Zalando Belgium

There are two ways to redeem your Zalando gift card:

  • As balance in your account:Click Reedem your gift voucher
  • Enter your gift card's code in the Menu item 'My Vouchers' ('Meine Gutscheine') and click on 'Redeem' ('Einlösen'). The amount will be credited to your account balance and you can redeem it when placing your next order.
  • At checkout: You can also enter your gift card code in the voucher field that appears at checkout. Don’t forget to confirm by clicking on the button 'Redeem'. The voucher amount is then applied to the total amount in the shopping basket.
  • Would you rather not redeem the voucher? No worries. Click on the 'X' at the bottom right of the price breakdown to undo the operation. However, please note that this is only possible as long as you have not clicked on 'Buy now' ('Jetzt kaufen').


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